• What percentage of first-year students return the following year?
  • Will my family’s ability to pay for college be a factor in the admissions process?
  • Does the college offer merit scholarships? Who is most likely to receive them? How do I apply?
  • How much does it cost to attend your college (including tuition, room and board, fees, etc.)?
  • Will private/non-government scholarships reduce the amount of need-based aid I receive?
  • What financial aid options are available?
  • Does the school participate in federal and state aid programs? (Not all schools are eligible.)
  • What percentage of undergraduates receive aid? How much do they receive on average?
  • Which financial aid forms do I need to fill out and what are the deadlines?
  • What is the average GPA of entering freshmen?
  • Are there different admissions requirements for specific colleges or programs?
  • Does your college award credit for Advanced Placement?
  • What are the housing options/requirements and parking rules?
  • Does your college offer study abroad options?
  • Does your college provide access to internship options to freshmen and sophomores?
  • Does your college provide academic services such as tutoring or career counseling?
  • Does your college have job placement services?
  • What are the characteristics of your student body (age, gender, race/ethnicity, etc.)?
  • What percentage of graduates are employed within one year?
  • Can credits be earned online or transferred from other colleges?
  • How safe is your campus?
  • Which association has given your college accreditation?
  • How do I arrange a campus visit? 


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